Kindness and Business

The other day I received such a nice email from my customers who wanted to express their gratitude for helping them with their new home purchase. They are out of state first time homebuyers so you can imagine the stress involved. Still they handled the entire transaction so well and full of grace and we were able to get them the home they liked. Lovely people, very positive, very funny too!

Working with them made me realize again how kindness in business can make all the difference. Being kind, helping one another, being graceful and accepting that everything is sometimes going to go wrong, and yet being to laugh it off: these qualities and values carry us through and make us appreciate ourselves and others more.

I firmly believe that being kind in business is not an oxymoron: you can be kind and still do business. ” May you be filled with happiness and prosperity” is my tagline and kindness makes one happy. To kindness!!!



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