Coffee and more

sometimes its a coffee kind of day. meaning, a little extra energy is needed to make it a great day. sometimes coffee is also a good way to connect with colleagues on those days that you just feel like not doing too much. It was during such a day that my colleagues and I cam up with the idea for a reality show, a real show, about REAL estate. Not the glitz and glamour you see during all those homemake over shows but the real stuff we experience every day. The cold calls; the customers who are never satisfied; the home inspectors who can make a deal go sour in a minute; the homes we sometimes want to run away from; the grind. Do you think people would like to watch?

I believe they will because believe it or not, there will be a lot of humor too, a lot of laughter because that is also part of our daily routine. I think real estate is a great way to reinvent yourself if you are looking for a new career , a new challenge.





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