A horse with blinders

I tend to dream and visualize most of the time. I see whole movies in my head of how, what, when, where. It’s also why I love to read. It’s also why I mostly live in the future and hardly tend to look back. It’s also why I tend to take changes a lot, my way, and have lost and gained a lot. It’s the essence who I Am.

The flip side is that I tend to get lost in my head and loose focus fast, loose interest quick. Today I am happy because ever since I forced myself to stay focused ( like a horse with blinders) on only two areas of interest I can see better results. Just have to remind myself daily, that this makes sense. Focus tends to be a not too sexy topic yet to me it has become very sexy and cannot be overrated enough. I have my blinders on and tend to keep them on. Like a horse with blinders.

a horse with blinders on

Happy Monday

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