good vibes and backyards

I am a Realtor and a Success Coach, and a Yoga practicer and a mom, and a wife and a sister and a friend. Just felt like sharing this with you today and wishing you a Happy Monday.

I am also curious, a learner, impatient, and with many character flaws I try to work on daily, don’t always succeed. Working on it.

I see many homes, I love homes, and I love the vibes each home has. When I am lucky, I walk into a home with such a good vibe, I can feel it right away. It has nothing to do with the look of the home, but more with the feel of the home. Good vibe homes do have many similar characteristics yet each one vibes on their own strengths.

Here is a home I was luck enough to vibe this past Saturday. Hope you feel it too.

Happy Mondaydining room and backyard


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