Monday wisdom

As a success coach I naturally tend to gravitate to words of wisdom. There is something so comforting in reading stuff that makes me think; reflect and even makes me uncomfortable at times, many times.

I was speaking to a friend of mine about life having a way of keeping me real. We were sharing that we both had a hard time listening but that life had a way of putting us right back where we needed to be at that time. I told her: ” the times I had something to learn and I was slow in realizing this, I got smacked so hard by the lessons that I had no other choice but to realize, he, I needed to learn something” I now understand it had to do with staying humble because only when you are in that humble state are you actually open to learn and listen.

So happy humble Monday to you all. Let me know what your moments are. quotes-about-being-humble-quotes-about-being-humble-encouraging-humble-yourself-life-will-do-it-for-you-s-and-stay-humble-quotes-images

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