I have been invited to do a Ted Talk on more women in leadership positions and whats holding us back. This in my capacity as a success coach for women and my active participation in events promoting women in leadership. Quite an honor and a challenge.

I have decided that somewhere in the middle of my talk I will host a #nofilter moment where I become raw and take of the filters that soften my talk. Meaning, I will share a very crucial yet painful episode where I confronted myself and a group of people during a very challenging time in my life. Sometimes, you just got to take off the filter and let it all out.

#nofilter does mean love as well; its just tough love. Happy Monday to you all. Will keep you posted as to my progress and preparation towards the talk. quotes-about-being-humble-quotes-about-being-humble-encouraging-humble-yourself-life-will-do-it-for-you-s-and-stay-humble-quotes-images

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