Where to start

Is the question Monday morning, most of the time. I know that many people do not like Monday morning and some done like Sunday night because they have to start thinking about Monday morning, go figure.

I actually started to like Monday mornings after a period when I wasn’t sure where to start. It was a period of transition, of major losses, of sadness mostly. It seemed there was no purpose to even think about where to start and my creativity level was so low which is what scared me the most. I have always been someone who could create things so when that feeling was lost, temporarily, those were scary times.

Then a very dear friend of mine was able to get through to me and that started the slow process of getting back to being able to answer ” were to start”. Slowly, by making small changes every day, things started to fall back in place and I knew where to start.

So to me Mondays are all about perspective. I have come to see it as a luxury, a blessing, to be able to think and plan where to start. Happy Monday to you all! 1-new-monday-new-week-new-goals

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