Choices and you

Or maybe I should name this article ” you think you don”t have options but yes you do”. Or what about ” it’ s ok to make a fool of yourself, who cares what people think”. Or ” if not not when? what are you waiting for?” I think by now you get the drift that this is about choosing to introduce something new in your life and deciding what that shall be.

We, you and I, and all our fellow boomers actually are blessed and it would be such a waste not make use of this fact. Some of my friends have started to do this: to learn something new, to switch careers, to make their hobbies their main activity, to finally leave that crappy job and start their own business. And they are happy; not all the time, but most of the time and that is enough already.

All I can tell you from experience is that the feeling of reinventing yourself, putting yourself out there without a worry if people will laugh at you, its a great feeling and I can highly recommend it to anyone.

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