patience and what I need to learn

cant believe it took me so long to really get this patience thing. I guess its never too late to learn 9 another cliche) and here is another one; being a continuous learner translates in, even at my age I am open to learn.

I am starting off the week with this focus on the virtues of patience and the realization that indeed once I decided this past weekend to just feel that it is ok to wait ( long) for something to happen, or someone to happen, I felt this sense of relief suddenly. He, its ok to have to wait no matter how long, because waiting does not equate to weakness rather to e calm state of mind.

I can credit this feeling totally to my yoga practice. Its the change maker, even at this age.I am attaching a picture of me, just because, would like to share my pleasant weekend break with you.

Happy Monday, be patient, be calm, be happybe patientumbrellasyellow flowers.JPG

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